Moving Checklist

One of the things that makes moving so stressful for many of us is because we do not cover all of our bases. It does not take us long to forget all of the things that we have to do and how far in advance they must be done. If you save things for the last minute chances are you will be scrambling to get them done and may even push your move behind.

To help make things easier for yourself you need to create a moving checklist. On this list will be everything that you need to do at least a month to two weeks in advance of the move. These are some of the more crucial items that need to be taken care of. To help yo with the list we have provided one of our own.

  • Change your mailing address and notify this to your business, utilities, government agencies, and anyone else who is important that might need it.
  • Inquire after the balance of your checking and savings and talk to your bank about how to shut it down and when.
  • Call the utility services and make sure that they turn them off and on at the right time and the right locations.
  • It is always helpful to inform your landlord that you are moving at least a month in advance. Make sure to set up a time when they can check the house and you can get your refund and give back the keys.
  • Make a time with your new landlord or real estate agent for when you can get the keys to your new home.
  • If you are traveling for more then a day then make sure to book a hotel room in advance.
  • Find an estimate on all of the moving costs, rental companies, and any other travel expense.
  • Decide whether it would be easier to move yourself or hire someone else to do it for you. Make the proper arrangements after the decision has been made.
  • Pack a room a day and only leave the necessities out till the week of the move. Make sure that you label all of the boxes and pack things carefully.